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[TXT] p59_0x01_Introduction_by_Phrack Staff.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 11K [TXT] p59_0x02_Loopback_by_Phrack Staff.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 15K [TXT] p59_0x03_Linenoise_by_Phrack Staff.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 106K [TXT] p59_0x04_Handling the Interrupt Descriptor Table_by_kad.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 85K [TXT] p59_0x05_Advances in kernel hacking II_by_palmers.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 21K [TXT] p59_0x06_Defeating Forensic Analysis on Unix_by_the grugq.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 101K [TXT] p59_0x07_Advances in format string exploitation_by_riq & gera.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 44K [TXT] p59_0x08_Runtime process infection_by_anonymous author.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 47K [TXT] p59_0x0a_Execution path analysis: finding kernel rootkits_by_J.K.Rutkowski.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 66K [TXT] p59_0x0c_Building ptrace injecting shellcodes_by_anonymous author.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 21K [TXT] p59_0x0d_Linux\390 shellcode development_by_johnny cyberpunk.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 42K [TXT] p59_0x0e_Writing linux kernel keylogger_by_rd.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 12K [TXT] p59_0x0f_Cryptographic random number generators_by_anonymous author.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 23K [TXT] p59_0x10_Playing with windows \dev\(k)mem_by_crazylord.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 20K [TXT] p59_0x11_Phrack World News_by_Phrack Staff.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 41K [TXT] p59_0x12_Phrack magazine extraction utility_by_Phrack Staff.txt 16-Aug-2002 16:13 45K [TXT] p59_0x09_Bypassing PaX ASLR protection_by_Tyler Durden.txt 24-Oct-2003 20:46 37K [TXT] p59_0x0b_Cuts like a knife, SSHarp_by_stealth.txt 27-Apr-2008 21:57 12K
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