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[TXT] p65_0x0f_International Scenes_by_various.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 39K [TXT] p65_0x0e_Hacking your brain: Artificial Conciousness_by_-c.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 19K [TXT] p65_0x0d_The Underground Myth_by_Anonymous.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 17K [TXT] p65_0x0c_The art of exploitation: Technical analysis of Samba WINS overflow_by_FelineMenace.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 91K [TXT] p65_0x0b_Hacking the $49 Wifi Finder_by_openschemes.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 45K [TXT] p65_0x0a_phook - The PEB Hooker_by_Shearer and Dreg.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 1.3M [TXT] p65_0x09_Australian Restricted Defense Networks and FISSO_by_the Finn.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 41K [TXT] p65_0x08_Mystifying the debugger for ultimate stealthness_by_halfdead.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 19K [TXT] p65_0x07_System Management Mode Hacks_by_BSDaemon and coideloko and D0nand0n.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 57K [TXT] p65_0x06_The only laws on Internet are assembly and RFCs_by_Julia.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 33K [TXT] p65_0x05_Clawing holes in NAT with UPnP_by_FelineMenace.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 42K [TXT] p65_0x04_Stealth Hooking: another way to subvert the Windows kernel_by_Mxatone and IvanLeFou.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 84K [TXT] p65_0x03_Phrack World News_by_TCLH.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 57K [TXT] p65_0x02_Phrack Prophile on The UNIX Terrorist_by_TCLH.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 34K [TXT] p65_0x01_Introduction_by_TCLH.txt 13-Apr-2008 20:27 13K
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